Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 (Official IMG File)

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 ISO File is here with us waiting for you to use it. However it’s not a free tool, you need to spend hundred of dollars to get its full version. But don’t worry, because we will help you installing the software package to your computer and then activate it to be full version.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 is the latest version among others Office series, and it’s already in final stage released at 2018 last year. If it’s final that means it’s free from error and stable, no problem will be found on this tool. And installing Microsoft Office 2019 is quite easy and takes about a half hour of your precious time.

Keep in mind that Office Professional Plus 2019 set a minimum hard specifications for your computer to have in order to run smoothly. If your computer doesn’t fulfil the minimum specs it will run awfully slow and cause you headache. Therefore, be sure your computer fulfils the requirement set by Office 2019 before installing it.

So if you want to install Microsoft Office 2019, then you need to check your computer or laptop specifications. Because not all computer can use Office 2019.

And on this post I list a minimum software and hardware specifications your computer must have before going into installing the Microsoft Office 2019.

Software specification for installing Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 can only run on the following operating system.


  • Windows 10.


  • Mac 10.10 or newer.

Hardware specification for installing Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019

As for the hardware specifications that your computer must have are the following.


  • 2 Core 1.6 Ghz or faster.
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM for 64 bit system and 2 GB RAM 32 bit system.
  • 4GB storage.
  • 1280 x 780 px or bigger resolution.
  • DirectX 9 or newer version.


  • 1.6 gigahertz (GHz) or faster like 2-core.
  • Intel x86 64 CPU.
  • Memory: 4 GB.
  • 1280 x 800 or bigger resolution.
  • 6 GB HDD with HFS Plus disk format.

So check your computer specification to make sure that you computer fulfils the above requirements, for Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 7 can not use Microsoft Office 2019, so if you use either Operating System better upgrade it first. Or you can use Microsoft Office 2016 instead.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 update feature

  • Morph Transition: can be found in Powerpoint, it is the slide movement animation.
  • Zoom: also in PowerPoint, to make your presentation to be more attractive to link to between internal slide.
  • Linking: only for touch screen device, where you can use your finger to write math formula, etc.
  • Adding SVG icon: you can choose SVG icon like emoticon in your smartphone or smart tablet.

Now let’s get into the exact steps to install Microsoft Office 2019 on your Windows 10 computer. Again I remind you to make sure that your computer has fully fulfilled the required specifications to install Office 2019, you can review the list above.

How to install Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 on Windows 10

  1. Download Downloader Office 2019 (3.4GB IMG Format File from Microsoft) without product key (You can activate it later) | Mirror 3.0 MB size in zip file, then extract to get the ISO file.
  2. Then right-click on ProPlus2019Retail.Img to click Mount.

Mount Office 2019 Pro Plus Retail IMG

  1. After mounting it you will get the Setup.exe, now click the Setup.exe.

Klik File Setup.exe Install Office 2019

  1. Installation process will begin, it takes time, just wait patiently.

Cara Install Office 2019 Loading

  1. Once the installation is complete then you will get notification saying You’re all set! Office is installed now, then click Close.

Tutup Instalasi Office 2019

  1. Now open one of Office 2019, whether it is Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other, to enter your product key if you have, if you don’t have it just click X to close the Enter Your Product Key window.

Tutup Product Key Office 2019 Instalasi

  1. After that a new window will appear about Accept the license agreement then click Accept and start Word button (If you open Microsoft Word).

Accept the License Agreement

  1. Great! You have successfully installed Microsoft Office 2019 on your Windows 10.

Now you have Microsoft Office 2019 on your Windows, however if you don’t enter your product key then it can be used only for 15 days. The reason for it is Microsoft Office needs you to activate it. So you can try it first if you like then buy product key or simply activate it for free to get the unlimited time using Office 2019.

Activate Office

Once you have installed Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 without Product Key, after 30 days of free trial, then you will get notifications that your Office hasn’t been activated when you open any Office program or in account menu.

So if you want to activate Microsoft Office 2019 and enjoy the entire features for limitless time then you can directly head to this paga: how to activate Microsoft Office 2019 all editions permanently.

And Office 2019 is currently the best version comes with amazing features you can check what Office 2019 is offering for you on this post guys.

Anyway guys that’s the entire procedures you can take in order to install Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 using the img file manually. And for those who have any question about the installation procedures above then write on the comment area, I will respond you the best I can.

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