How To Activate Office 2019 All Editions Permanent

Microsoft Office 2019 is the best of Office series, at least right now, it has all the needed abilities to create and modifying digital documents whether it’s text or image. Office 2019 comes with a new and shiny zoom feature for Powerpoint to make you able linking to other slide, this will make your presentation more interactive. And also Inking ability for touch-screen based device, with it you can use finger use the pen from Ink tools to paint or write something.

Those two new features is not all, there still more in Office 2019. But of course to enjoy the said feature updates and improvements you need to firstly have it installed on your Windows, therefore you can follow our complete guides on how to install Office 2019. One more thing, Office 2019 runs best on Windows 10 operating system version.

Anyway if you have this software package on your computer, then you likely know that there is a limited time to use, after 30 days, your Office becomes unlicensed, you are required to buy the license, if not then you can’t use it to create or modifying documents, only be able to open them. At this stage your Office is simply more of viewers than anything else.

Sure it is cool to buy the product key in order to activate your Office 2019, but there is just one little problems, Office is definitely not cheap. For example for Home and Student edition of Office 2019 that only comes with Word, Excel and PowerPoint will cost you $119.99 as a one-time purchase, let alone the Profesional.

And if you are running deactivated office then you will get the effects mentioned below.

What will happen if Office 2019 is deactivated?

  • PRODUCT DEACTIVATED: You will receive notification: To keep using Word without interruption, please reactivate now: Which is a rectangular orange strip between your page and toolbar, with a white button saying Reactivate beside message.
  • We’re sorry, something went wrong and we can’t do this for you right now. Please try again later error message: This is also the effect of non-activated Office 2019, this means you are unable to use the application.
  • Unlicensed Product/Product Activation Failed: You will find these notification on the title bar right beside the title of document you are opening.
  • Microsoft Office Activation Wizard: Shows up once the Word is opened. You will be told that your application copy is not yet activated and with option for activation.

Therefore this post will help you out from the said situation, we will guide you to activate your Microsoft Office 2019 (All editions) for free without using neither software nor product license. The activating process will be done using the Command Prompt commands.

So if you are interested then let’s get into the full instructions.

Remember just use this method to get the full version of Office 2019 to test it before you are finally sure to buy the full license of Office 2019 from Microsoft.

Requirements to activate Office 2019

  • A Windows 10 computer, Office 2019 can’t run on either Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1, let alone older versions.
  • Disable Windows Defender security of your Windows 10, in some case it’s necessary.

The method can activate the following Office 2019 editions

  • Office 2019 Pro
  • Office 2019 Pro Plus.
  • Office 2019 Standard.
  • Office 2019 Home.
  • Office 2019 Student.

How to activate Office 2019 (all editions) permanent with CMD

  1. Open this URL then copy all the code from it.
  2. Now open NotePad, then paste the entire code you previously copied, and then name the file to be: 1click.cmd .

Activate Office 2019 Windows 10

  1. Right click 1click.cmd then choose and click Run As Administrator.

Right Click 1click.cmd Activate Office 2019

  1. Command Prompt will automatically open to start activating Office 2019 to your Windows 10.
  2. Once done, you will get the following notification.

Successfully Activated Office 2019

My friend your Microsoft Office 2019 is now activated, you can verify it by opening one of its products, whether it’s Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc then go to File -> Account to see its activation status. As for me, I get this status.

Activated Office 2019 All Editions

If you followed the above instructions entirely without skipping anything then you will get your Office 2019 activated just like mine. If you have any questions regarding the Office 2019 activation process above then you can write down your queries on the provided comment area and I will do my best to respond you the best I can.

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