How To Activate CorelDraw X7 On Windows

CorelDraw is one of the available tools for creating and editing images and also as the first choice to design digital graphic and most used. People from all over the world use it, from a student to a professional designer. The features and functionalities provided by this software is also vary, and can be used to create name card, banner and other more complicated designs.

The growing attentions that keep raising for Corel Draw is because various interesting designs that this tool is offering. Not only that, the interface this tool has is delivering the easiness for users to quickly understand what to do and there is also shortcuts to get things done quicker. The shortcut is good to fasten the making of a design, without the need to browse the whole menu.

CorelDraw is not provided online, it’s the software that needs to be installed on our computer in order to use it. Unfortunately not all users know how to install it on their Windows computer. So this post will help you installing Coreldraw on Windows computer, the tutorials are easy to follow, anyone can follow them no matter how newbie you are.

How to install CorelDraw X7 (Graphic Suite) on Windows 10,8,7 computer

Currently there are many versions of CorelDraw available, one of which is CorelDraw X7, this version is popular enough and liked by graphic editors and makers to make magic images for their projects.

On this post we will focus on how to install CorelDraw X7 on Windows computer and laptop.

Basically the procedures of installing this software is not a hard task, what you need to have as starting point is CorelDraw installer. So download the installer file if you haven’t.

Make sure you download the installer based on your Windows bit system, if yours is 32-bit then download the X7 for 32-bit system, and if yours is 64-bit then download X7 for 64-bit system.

  • Download Corel Draw X7 64 bit, for 32-bit system Windows.
  • Download Corel Draw X7 32 bit, for 32-bit system Windows.

Once you’ve done downloading the file then we can start to install it. So to install CorelDraw X7 on your Windows then you need to complete the preface following processes.

First step. Disable Windows Defender security and antivirus program of your computer first. This is needed for downloading the keygen file. So disable it.

Second step. Extract the master installer file of CorelDraw X7 you’ve downloaded. On the extracted folder you will see a two files, which is Setup and Keygen files.

Third step. After that, please run the setup file which is CorelDRAWGraphicsSuiteX7_EN64Bit (for 64-bit system Windows) or CorelDRAWGraphicsSuiteX7_EN32Bit (for 32-bit system Windows) using Administrator role (Run as administrator).

Install CorelDraw Windows 1

Once you’ve done with the preface processes above, let’s continue to the steps for installing CorelDraw X7 below.

How to install CorelDraw X7 on Windows

  1. After running the setup file above, a new window will appear, then check the I accept the terms in the license agreement box, continued with clicking Next to continue to the next phase.

Install CorelDraw Windows 2

  1. You will find another window asking you to enter username and a serial number, just choose this option: I do not have a serial number and want to try the product. And then click Next to continue to the next phase.

Install CorelDraw Windows 3

  1. You will be brought to another window asking you to choose whether you want to install the whole Corel product, or just CorelDraw for design. If you are like me just want to get CorelDraw for design, then choose Custom Installation….

Install CorelDraw Windows 4

  1. Again a new window comes up, you are recommended to uncheck the needed products box. I suggest you only install things you need most, of course it’s CorelDraw. That’s what we need, isn’t it? Aside of that will reduce the hard disk space needed for storing the file. Once done click Next.

Install CorelDraw Windows 5

  1. Well. A new window shows up again, this time just click Next to continue to another window.

Install CorelDraw Windows 6

  1. This new window bringing “Additional Options” you might need such as automatically download product updates and adding shortcut to desktop. I personally choose the second option which is adding shortcut. You are free to choose anything according your need.

Install CorelDraw Windows 7

  1. Another window guys, this time gives you ability to change the destination place to install CorelDraw, you can change to C or D or anywhere you like as long it has at least 1GB free space, if not, just choose Install Now to begin the installation process.

Install CorelDraw Windows Now 8

  1. The installation process takes about 10 or less minutes, or could be longer, depends on your PC specifications. So to deal with it just wait while doing something else to skip the waiting time.
  2. Once the installation is entirely done, just click the Finish button on the appearing window to complete the Setup window.

Finish Installing CorelDraw X7 Windows

Once you have done with the installation business, that means you have successfully installed CorelDraw X7 on your Windows computer. But guys there is one thing you need to do if you want to have a full version of this software which is to activate it to use it in very long time period according your heart content.

Well let’s us activate the CorelDraw X7 on your Windows now. To activate your CorelDraw X7 then you need a keygen file that’s available in the master installer folder. To get the bigger picture let’s follow the instructions below.

How to activate CorelDraw X7 on Windows

  1. First thing first, you need to disconnect your internet from your computer. Then open the CorelDraw X7 you just installed on PC.
  2. You will see the welcoming window after CorelDraw is launched, just click Continue button to start.

How To Activate CorelDraw X7 On Windows

  1. On the second window just click on the Register Later option. After that, click on Continue button to continue to the next window.

Register Later Activate CorelDraw X7 On Windows

  1. Then once CorelDraw is opened, close it. You will then get a window popup after closing CorelDraw X7, on this window click on Already Purchased?.

Already Purchased Serial Number CorelDraw X7 On Windows

  1. A new window will come giving you three options to choose which are: Enter Serial Number, Continue, and Redeem Code. Then choose Enter Serial Number.

Enter Serial Number CorelDraw X7 On Windows

  1. A serial number window will pop up to be used for entering serial number to activate CorelDraw X7. To get the serial number, then open the extracted folder of Corel Draw X7 folder, then on that folder Corel Draw Keygen file.
  2. On the Corel Product Keygen, choose CorelDRAW Graphic Suite X7 on the Select a product option. Then copy the serial number from the Serial Number on Keygen to the serial number column on Corel Draw activation window. Click the Activate Offline to validate the Serial Number.

Activate CorelDraw X7 Using CorelDraw Keygen On Windows

  1. Next an information will come out showing Installation Code on the CorelDraw X7 activation window. Now type that Installation Code to the Installation Code in Corel Product Keygen.
  2. Once done, click the Generate Activation Code on Corel Product Keygen window. Now copy the code from Activation Code to Activation Code on Corel Draw Activation window. Once done, you can click Continue to go on.

Generate Activation Code For CorelDraw X7 On Windows

  1. If there is a window notifying about Invalid Serial Number, just ignore it then click Ok to close the window.
  2. Then a window shows up notifying you that the Activation is complete. Just click Close buton to close that activation window.

Close CorelDraw X7 Suite Activation Window
After you have completed the above steps, that means activating CorelDraw X7 has been successful. Now you can use CorelDraw for very long time period.

CorelDraw Interface Fully Activated On Windows

That’s the whole steps to activate CorelDraw X7 on Windows. This method can be applied on all Windows versions including Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. So hopefully you found this post useful for you.

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