Fix “We Can’t Set Up Mobile Hotspot Error” On Windows 10

One of the great and new features that Windows 10 brought for us is the Mobile Hotspot, to which allowing us to share our internet connection to other devices, just like in Android operating system where we can juggle our device to be a hotspot to share connection to those who need.

This feature had kicked out the need for installing an additional hotspot software on PC in order to share internet connections. Because Mobile Hotspot is pre-installed app on Windows 10.

I personally appreciate the existence of this software and feeling very thankful to Microsoft to made it available on Windows 10.

The process of activating this feature is taking a one-click only, then our internet connection is available for anyone to use it.

However sometime I experience error when using it, such as the mobile hotspot is suddenly unable to be used along with the “we can’t set up mobile hotspot” notification.

I personally don’t have any idea why this happen, probably a glitch Microsoft will fix, and wrap the fix in the update so we enjoy mobile hotspot sharing feature at maximum without any trouble.

On this post I try to offer a solution regarding on how to deal with “Windows 10 mobile hotspot that can’t  be set up” error. Unfortunately the fix here probably work or doesn’t work for you, at least it worked for me, therefore I share the solution now.

Check your Wifi Adapter support first

The following is the steps you need to undergo.

  1. Open command prompt.
  2. Then type and execute the following command:
NETSH WLAN show driver

Check Driver Mobile Hotspot

  1. See the Hosted network supported section, is it Yes or No.

Hosted Network Supported Yes
If it says Yes, then your Wi-Fi is supporting Mobile Hotspot feature. If No then you are unable to use Mobile Hotspot feature and need to add Wi-fi that support Mobile Hotspot.

Important. Make sure Wi-Fi or Wireless driver is already installed on your computer or laptop.

Solution “we can’t set up Mobile Hotspot” error on Windows 10

First method

Update your wireless driver installed on your computer. To update your driver simply type the Device Manager on Search beside Windows logo.

  1. On Device Manager click on Network Adapters.
  2. Now it’s time to update your existing wireless driver. Right click on your driver then select Update Driver.

Update Wireless Adapter On Windows 10

Note. Your driver brand might be different, could be from other OEM, however you certainly know your wireless driver name as my driver is Qualcomm Atheros, yours could be the same or from other brands.
  1. Select Browse My Computer For Driver Software option.

Browse My Computer For Driver Software

  1. Select Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer option.

Select Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer

  1. Select the Driver and then click on Next button.

Now Select Wireless Driver Next On Windows 10 OS Free

And what’s the result my friend? Can the above methods fix your Mobile Hotspot error on your Windows 10 operating system? If not you can restart your computer, sometime restarting the PC is needed for Windows to save the changes you just made.

You can share this solution to your friends, who knows they might need the solution to fix the “We can’t set up Mobile Hotspot on Windows 10” error. And if you experienced any problem or failures for fixing the problem just write your question on the provided comment area and I will the best I can to respond your questions.

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