Download Windows 10 64-bit And 32-bit

Windows 10 had been officially released. This operating system can be downloaded and used for free for Windows 7 and Windows 8 or 8.1 users.

Windows 10 the most sophisticated operating system Microsoft ever released—at least currently. Windows 10 is no longer called as software instead a service by Microsoft. This gives a bold impression that there is no more versions come afterward, such as Windows 11 or Windows 12.

Microsoft emphasizes that if we call Windows 10 as a service therefore it will be updated with 2 major updates every year and a few other minor updates. For your information, Microsoft had released major update in 2017 by hatching Creators and Fall Creator update.

And Windows 10 is considered as a redeemer for grandiose failure of Windows 8 series in the market. So, what’s so special about Windows 10? This new and shiny Windows version is claimed to be totally different with its predecessors, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. According Microsoft, Windows 10 was designed from scratch, not a revision of the previous Windows versions. The prominent change that’s easily seen on Windows 10 is the taskbar appearance comes with Start button again¬† and Cortana as new search bar.

But Windows 10 cool features are not only those two. There are more offered by Windows 10 for you.

1. New Start button

This new Start button is very different compared with Windows 8. Microsoft had completely reinstated its function as main menu for opening some applications and various files. Albeit we have Start button again like Windows 7, but the design of Windows 10 is completely new. When clicking the Start button, you will receive two columns, one column in left showing Most Used App, Settings, options to Power On or Shut Down your computer, along with Explorer, on the right column displaying all the applications in the Metro views.

2. Cortana

Right beside Start button, you will see Search Bar with Ask Me Anything line to invite us using it to find the needed information. That’s Cortana. The virtual assistant to compete with Siri and Google Now, that’s designed to answer various orders and queries of us. You can find Cortana placed on Search Bar next to Start button.

To use Cortana you need to firstly configure your microphone first. After that, simply remark “Hey, Cortana” then you’ll get her response and asking your need.

Cortana Windows 10

In case you don’t want to use it, simply type search bar to open searching menu. On the menu you’ll see various things that Cortana can do, such as recognizing musics you are playing until recommending you about today’s news.

3. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft had completely expunged Internet Explorer, and replaced it with new browser design along with new functions. According Nextren this new browser can help improve your creativity and productivity.

Microsoft Edge Windows 10

Edge is armed with Snapshot editing feature. For example, when browsing certain sites and finding an interesting reference you need to note, then you don’t need to open other app to copy or paste web page, simply click edit feature, then the interesting page can be added with notes directly. Awesome right?

4. Tablet Mode

If you use Hybrid gadget, such as computer type that can be transformed into tablet mode, then this Tablet Mode is good for you. Unlike Windows 8 that seems to force user to try tablet interface, this new series give you option to choose according your need. To transform from computer to tablet mode, just click notification icon and then select Tablet mode, then your interface will change into simpler look.

Tablet Mode Windows 10

If you click the Start button, you will be brought to app list in the Metro interface, like Start Screen on Windows 8.

5. Task View

Right beside Cortana, a user can find Logo with tufted two lines, that’s the button to activate Task View. When this button is clicked, your computer’s screen will display neatly in-parallel columns. Each column represents an opened application (s) along with its contain, information and X to close it. Task View facilitates you to arrange the opened applications with active desktop or non-active desktop.

Task View

User can also create application group. For example, when Task View is opened and user click New Desktop button, then view will revert to blank desktop. User can start open another applications via this view as Desktop number 2. By that, users will get Desktop 1 and Desktop 2 along with the group applications.

6. Xbox App

For games lovers this is certainly a great app to find, as you are given with Xbox application with it you can play the Xbox games directly from your computer. In Windows 10, Microsoft had made Direct X 10 enabled and did a great job to improve the graphic quality and also its performance that will support your gaming experience.

Xbox App On Windows 10
Not only that Windows 10 also comes with Xbox DVR feature that allows you to record your 30 seconds of gameplay. In case you expect your winning moment recorded then you can stop wishing, because this feature will record it so you can show off to your friend. There is also a screenshotting ability so you don’t need to use another app.

7. Unified Settings

Say goodbye to separated roads to access Computer Settings and Control panel, because now you can access both of them in one single place. So no need to open two separated apps anymore now.

8. Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store Windows 10
This is my favorite update to which I can simply download and install apps such as Facebook, Instagram, etc without the need of Emulators like Bluestacks and the kind. So our computer will be more like standalone Android device that can simply running Android apps.

Download Windows 10 64-bit and 32-bit ISO file

Information about Windows 10

Activate Windows 10

If you have downloaded Windows 10 then you can activate it right away by simply following the full instructions from this page: how to activate Windows 10 all editions permanently without product key and enjoy every goodies the operating system is offering for you guys.

So as Windows 10 users what’s your experience of using the operating system, please share to us your experience, whether positive or negative experience guys.


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