How To Adjust Screen Brightness On Windows 10

Computer screen brightness affecting our comfort when using our computer. Each person has difference wish of how brightness level their computer should display. But keep in mind! A computer screen brightness setting is depending on the situation and condition of where your computer is placed.

For example, if you locate your computer in dark room, certainly you need to increase its screen brightness level in order to deal with the situation. Or if your computer is placed in the full-light place, it’s better to set its brightness to minimum or adjusting to the level that don’t hurt your eyes.

Some people love a very bright screen light. While others don’t, they simply configure it to not too bright screen light, and there are also people who prefer dreary screen light. But it’s recommended to use the right level of brightness light that will not hurt your eyesight. Because having this situation in long period could negatively affect your eyes.

Albeit people usually ignore the screen brightness, but it has important role in a computer system. Imagine, if your computer brightness can’t be configured? Off course you won’t like it.

Albeit Windows 10 is already armed with  Auto Brightness, that will change screen brightness when lightning changes. This auto brightness adjusting feature is dedicatedly to help our comfort and to save computer’s battery life from draining too fast. But I don’t like this feature since it automatically reduces the brightness when it should not.

And on this post I would like to teach you on how to manually configure your screen brightness according your like and need, more important to comfort your eyes.

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How to adjust brightness screen of your Windows 10 computer?

We are offering three methods for you to follow, all of them designed by Microsoft to help its users change their computer’s screen brightness to meet their need.

First method to adjust brightness via Hardware and Sound

  1. Now click the Search feature right beside Start Menu (Windows logo).
  2. Then type Control Panel and  then choose Open for launching Control Panel.

Open Control Panel

  1. Choose Hardware and Sound.
  2. Then select Power Options.
  3. See the Screen Brightness on the down side, you can slide to right or left to configure the brightness whether it’s too bright or drearier screen.

Adjusting Brightness On Windows Via Hardware And Sound Option
Second method to adjust brightness via System

To adjust brightness of your screen using the second method can be achieved by doing the following.

  1. Go to Start and then click Settings.

Start And Settings Windows 10 Adjusting Brightness Screen

  1. On the new window just click on System then select Display.

Choose System To Adjust Windows Brightness Screen

  1. Now you can adjust the brightness on the Brightness and Color option.

Adjusting Brightness And Color Windows 10

  1. To adjust the brightness simply to slide to right or left to get to your preferred brightness setting.

Third method to adjust brightness via Action Center

The third method even a lot easier, quicker and simpler. The reason I put this method on the third because I want to keep you longer in this post, If I put it on the first method you’ll get faster result and then close the page, and that’s something I don’t want you to do it so fast :d. Anyway the full instructions are the following.

  1. On your keyboard press these two buttons: Windows logo + A (Win + A).
  2. And Action Center interface will appear on the right side of your screen.
  3. See the lowest of the interface then you’ll see the Brightness adjustment setting.
  4. As usual to adjust the brightness of your screen simply sliding to right or left according your reference.

Adjust Windows 10 Brightness Via Action Center

That’s the entire methods to adjust Windows 10 screen brightness you can follow and hopefully from now on and forward you’re no longer being irritated with how your screen displays its brightness because it already has the setting you prefer.

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