Activate Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise Permanently

Windows 10 is the Microsoft owned operating system that’s reported to be the last version of all Windows series. That means, there will be no Windows 11, 12, so on after this, instead Microsoft will keep improving Windows 10 with updates not with releasing new versions to meet users needs.

And once we installed Windows 10, then we are required to activate the operating system. If you don’t do it. then you are not able to personalize your Desktop theme and an Activate Window watermark will appear on the right below your screen after some time you turning on your computer. So to kick that watermark out for good, then you need to activate your installed Windows 10, whether it’s Windows Home, Pro, and Enterprise.

Officially to activate your Windows 10 takes a product key. This product key is vary depending your Windows license types and can be obtained whether online or offline. Unfortunately Windows 10 product key price is not cheap, it’s considered expensive to which some Windows 10 users prefer not to buy it. So the question in our mind, can Windows 10 be activated without buying the product key from Microsoft or ones who affiliate with the company?

If you want to activate Windows 10 but don’t have a product key of Windows 10, then don’t worry. You still can activate your Windows 10 without product key, which is using the line of codes you need to execute to your PC through Command Prompt or using a software called KMS Auto Net. These two methods are designed to activate your Windows 10 all editions—such as Windows 10 Pro, Home and Enterprise—quickly, easily, correctly and safely.

2 ways to correctly activate Windows 10 permanent without product key

You are free to choose between the following two Windows 10 activations methods. All of them are simple methods, but there is more simple than other therefore I put the simplest method as the first line. The first method is using Command Prompt and execute the codes using Run As Administrator role.

First method: Activate Windows 10 using CMD

This is the simplest method yet very effective to activate Windows 10 operating system and remove all limitations and watermark. And you are also recommended to firstly read the preparation before jump into the instructions.


Beforehand please to consider doing the following first.

  • Disable Windows Defender temporarily, in same case this security system mistakenly erase the cmd file.
  • Disable your antivirus also for temporarily.

Once you have successfully activated your Windows 10 using the below method you can reactivate both WIndows Defender and Antivirus.

Instructions to activate Windows 10 using CMD

  1. Now open this URL, and copy the entire codes from there.
  2. Now open Notepad, then paste the entire codes you previously copied to the blank Notepad.
  3. Name the new file with Windows10.cmd, save the file.

Activate Windows 10 Save Windows10.CMD

Note. You can save it anywhere, but I highly recommend to save it on Desktop to be found easily.
  1. Now right-click on the Windows10.cmd file, then choose Run As Administrator role.

Activate Windows 10 Windows10.CMD

  1. Command Prompt will automatically appear and executing the code to activate your Windows 10.

Activate Windows 10 Permanent All Editions CMD

  1. Done your Windows 10 is now activated!

Success Activating Windows 10

Second method: activate Windows 10 using KMS Auto Net

Be sure you firstly read the preparation and once done can directly go to the instructions to activate your Windows 10 with KMS Auto Net that’s proven 100% accurate and effective.

Preparations to activate Windows 10 using KMS Auto Net

To activate Windows 10 using KMS Auto Net method recommended on this post require you to firstly make preparations. This is an activator tool that’s mistakenly detected as harm software by your Windows Defender, albeit it’s not, therefore you need to firstly disable your Windows Defender on your Windows 10 first before doing anything else.

Secondly you need to also disable your antivirus program on your Windows 10, because it works like Windows Defender to secure your computer, but often times doing mistake like detecting KMS Auto Net as a dangerous software, albet it’s not.

So be sure you firstly disable Windows Defender and antivirus before activating your Windows 10 with KMS Auto Net, once you have activated your Windows 10, you can re-enable them.

Instructions to activate Windows 10 using KMS Auto Net

Now you need to download the KMS Auto Net file

  1. Download KMS Auto Net from the above download link.
  2. Extract the zip file.
  3. Go to the extracted folder namely KMSAuto Net 2015 v1.4.0 Portable.
  4. Inside the folder you will find a file named: KMSAuto Net.exe.
  5. Now right click on the KMSAuto Net.exe file then choose Run As Administrator to open it.

KMSAuto Run As Administrator

Note. One more thing make sure you use Run As Administrator when opening KMS Auto Net.
  1. KMS Auto Net will open, just click the tombol Activation button.

How to activate Windows 10 with KMS Auto Net

  1. You will get two options which are Activate Windows and Activate Office. So click on Activate Windows.

Activate Windows 10 KMS Auto

  1. Windows 10 activation process will start. If it’s successful then KMS Auto Net will show Product successfully activated notification like this.

Success to activate Windows 10 with KMS Auto Net

  1. A box dialog about Task Scheduler shows up, just click Yes so KMS Auto Net can continually update the License Key automatically.

Task Scheduler

  1. Done.


Whatever method you have used to activate your Windows 10 operating system and if you followed my instructions correctly without skipping any step and requirements / preparations then you will get an activated Windows 10 Pro, Home or Enterprise running to your computer. And for that, you can check your activation status through the Activation option your Windows settings. This is my Windows 10 activation status.

Successfully Activated Windows 10, Activated Windows 10

I got the activation status using the first and second method, so whatever method you choose will give the same result guys, which is an activated Windows 10 operating system permanently yet legally for you to use and being continually renewed forever as long as you like using the Microsoft official software.

That’s the whole instructions to activate Windows 10 Home, Pro and Enterprise permanently without Windows 10 Product Key using CMD and a software namely KMS Auto Net. Anyway the software is not limited to only activating Windows 10, but also can be used to activate Windows 7 and 8/8.1 and also Office 2016. 2013 and more. So guys I hope you like the new activated Windows 10 powering your beloved computer. If you like this post please to share to your friends in social networking sites so more people will get the benefit like you.

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