How To Activate Office 2016 Legally Without Software Permanently

To use Microsoft Office 2016 the thing that’s needed to be done is activating the software in order to use all the tools properly. If you don’t activate your Office, then the main problem you will experience is inability to edit a saved document. Not only that problem, there is another consequence which is the egress of a sticky notification that reminds you to immediately activate your Office 2016, and this notification won’t give up but keep showing each time you open any Office 2016 document, and it’s so disturbing.

To activate your Office 2016 then you need a product key that’s definitely not free. But, don’t worry because there is workaround that can be used to activate your Office albeit without a product key.

The method is using KMS license key officially from Microsoft, so this method is legal, and this is a limited time based license that only applies for 180-days. But don’t worry the script will renew it automatically when it’s near to expire so you won’t experience anything except goodness that your Office 2016 is always activated.

KMS License Key is a free license provided by Microsoft that gives users ability to activate either Windows and Office. But it’s not unlimited, it will end after 180-days period of using it, but fortunately it can be automatically renewed before it’s expired. And the script here can renew it automatically.

So if you wish to activate your Office 2016 then you can use the method from this post. We will not use any software. But will execute command lines on Command Prompt.

Note. For those who haven’t installed Office 2016 can simply head to this page to follow the full instructions to install Microsoft software package.

How to activate Office 2016 without product key

I recommend this method because it’s proven fast and legit, also legal without software to activate Microsoft Office 2016 and you will be grateful once you have successfully applied the method.

Notification. You need to firstly disable your Windows Defender security for temporary before following the full instructions to activate Microsoft Office 2016.

Method to activate Office 2016 on Windows

  1. First thing first you need to open this URL and then copy the entire code there.

Copy Command Line To Activate Office 2016

  1. Then open Notepad, name the file into 1click.cmd and then save it.

Save Batch File To Activate Office 2016

  1. Now run the batch file by right-clicking on 1click.cmd then choose Run As Administrator.

Run As Administrator To Activate Office 2016

  1. The command is now trying to activate your Office 2016, just wait for the process to complete.

Start To Activate Office 2016

  1. Once done you’ll receive the following notifications.

Success Activating Office 2016

Video to activate Office 2016 without software

If you prefer video tutorial then you are in luck because I have published a Youtube video containing the step by step guide to activate Office 2016 similar to the above instructions. Let’s watch it guys.


Once you have followed the above instructions then this is the result.
Activated Microsoft Office 2016

Did you manage to activate your Microsoft Office 2016 using the above method like I did? If you did then great! If you experienced trouble during the installations perhaps you skip some requirements, therefore read on the FAQ section guys.

FAQ regarding Office 2016 activation process

  1. I failed to activate Office 2016 because having a Windows Host Script error, so how to fix this?
    • Solution. That’s because you haven’t disabled your antivirus program, before proceeding to Office 2016 activation procedure above you need to temporarily disable your any antivirus program installed on your computer.
  2. I failed to activate Office 2016 and got the ERROR Description: An Unknown Error Occurred. (Ox45) notification.
    • Solution. Be sure when you right-clicking on 1click.cmd to select Run As Administrator role. (See step 2 above).
  3. I still failed, what to do now?
    • Solution. Check whether your computer has already another version of Microsoft Office such as 2013 or lower versions. In that case you need to firstly uninstall them.

If it’s there any other questions you might have and want to ask help for me for solutions then don’t be shy to write them on the comment area and I will do the best I can to respond you.

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